Fraunhofer Austria is a subcompany of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - the leading organisation for applied sciences in Europe. We orient our applied research projects always to the needs of Austria's industry and economy. Thereby we consider future trends and innovative technologies. We develop company-specific solutions and accompany companies when realising them.

Division Visual Computing

To work results-oriented, fast and effective we fetch pictures out of information and information out of pictures. In the field »Visual Decision Support« we visualize complex data via models and simulations. In the field of »Virtual Engineering« three-dimensional technology makes it possible to engineer and test new developments close to reality. The field »Digital Society« uses the numerous advantages of digitalization to record and pass experiences of mankind.

Division Production and Logistics Management

We plan and optimize structure, organisation and processes in industry companies, their order processing process as well as in their production and logistics network. On the theme of »integrated solutions in production and logistics« we aim to achieve excellence in value-adding divisions of a company. We develop innovative solutions and methods for the production strategies of the future.