Software and Tools developed by Fraunhofer Austria



VASCO is an add-in for Microsoft Visio and enables a quick and user-friendly creation of a value stream analysis based on intelligent value stream symbols.



With GrAPPA, Fraunhofer Austria is developing a graphic planning assistant. The software enables analysis-based planning of production plants with extensive visualizations.


Fraunhofer KVP-App

Continuous improvement processes (German: KVP) aim at constant improvements in order to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. The employees of a company play a central role in this. They are experts in their daily work and know best where improvements are possible and necessary.


Duck Box and The Flying Duck

The researchers at Fraunhofer Austria have developed a new type of location-based measurement system.



»InfoLand« takes you on an exciting virtual journey through complex data rooms. The virtual journey is enriched with texts, images, videos and 3D models. All information can be accessed naturally and intuitively without losing the overview.


Inventory Dragon

A tool for the visualization and evaluation of large amounts of data in material planning.



Fraunhofer Austria Tools for efficient production planning.