Software and Tools developed by Fraunhofer Austria


An app for in-depth analysis of production orders to support production planning and control.

Duck Box

A tool for location-based material flow analysis with the help of a mobile sensor element.

Fraunhofer KVP-App

An app for continuous improvement processes (CIP).


GrAPPA is a graphic planning assistant. The software enables analysis-based planning of production plants with extensive visualizations.


InfoLand is a visual portal for the latest information and the perfect marketing tool with a high level of user-friendliness.

Inventory Dragon

A tool for visualizing and evaluating large amounts of data in material planning.


Net-Check is a methodology developed by us, including data analysis modules, which provides companies in any industry with a quick and data-based overview of their corporate network.

Order Owl

A planning and visualization tool for cycle-oriented production.


A tool for detailed and sequence planning in production.

Shopping Trolley Eagle

A tool for the analysis of sales data and customer order behavior.


VASCO is an add-in for Microsoft Visio and enables a quick and user-friendly creation of a value stream analysis based on intelligent value stream symbols.