A collaboration with Fraunhofer Austria can - depending on the company's requirements - be very versatile: Company-specific direct orders are just as possible as partnerships for funded research projects, feasibility studies, optimization projects or sustainable implementations.

As partner in the field of applied sciences, Fraunhofer Austria supports a wide range of different companies in organizational, technical and strategic issues and provides know-how in the development and service sector. We focus on the integrated and proactive development and implementation of innovative, individual and economical solutions. Our high standard project and quality management is the basis for solid and feasible solutions.

Fraunhofer Austria works on the basis of individual research agreements or public funded projects. In business relations we are known for innovative, individual solutions with the focus on a good customer relationship as well as reasonable prices and reliable cost control.

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Key activities:

  1. innovation and technology consulting
  2. contract research
  3. preparation of studies
  4. trainings and workshops
  5. research proposals as well as coordination and execution of research projects
  6. exploring funding sources for cooperative research projects with industry partners


Fraunhofer Austria Center for Sustainable Production and Logistics


Advanced Industrial


Factory Planning and Production Management


Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Innovation Center

Digital Transformation of Industry

Fraunhofer Austria Center for Data Driven Design


Visual Computing


Innovation Center

Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence – KI4LIFE