Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Modern holistic logistics encompasses a wide range of topics; starting from intralogistics, materials management, warehouse logistics to the transport logistics and network planning. We work on all of these areas in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) division! The central element in our division is data-driven logistics. This is not only a necessary prerequisite for computer-aided optimization, but also an enabler for the green logistics of the future.

We collect and analyze data digitally and help our partners to find answers that can be implemented immediately, even in the complex interplay of many factors. Our core competencies lie in data generation (among other things by means of specially developed sensors), data analysis, prognosis, the combination of the latter with standard methods such as B. Methods-Time-Measurement as well as holistic planning across several logistics levels and processes.

Innovative approaches such as the physical internet, crowd logistics, IoT in logistics, as well as decarbonization in logistics, which we are researching intensively, bring greener logistics within reach.


"Smart data analytics has brought us enormous benefits. Necessary fields of action have been identified in after-sales, the disposition and production of spare parts can be planned more easily and purchasing is more targeted."
David Lindner, Lindner Traktorenwerk GmbH
"With 67 suggestions for improvement and annual savings of over €400,000, supported by an implementation roadmap, it is a very successful project."
Antoine van Horen, Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke GmbH

Our Core Areas

Warehouse Planning

Intralogistics Optimization

Supply Chain Management and Transport Optimization

After Sales and Spare Parts Management

Procurement and Materials Management

Technology, Automatization and Software Solutions