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Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH, an independent foreign subsidiary of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, was founded in November 2008 as a non-profit research organization. The facility brings together the two project groups of Fraunhofer IPA Stuttgart and IGD Darmstadt. The project group for production and logistics management was founded in 2004 by Fraunhofer IPA from Stuttgart in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and since then has been working on practical solutions for industrial and service companies under the main theme "Value chain optimization in production networks".
The project group for visual computing was founded in 2008 by Fraunhofer IGD from Darmstadt in cooperation with Graz University of Technology, with the main theme of developing targeted solutions in the field of graphic data processing, computer vision and augmented reality.

This resulted in the successful business areas “Production and Logistics Management” (Vienna) and “Visual Computing” (Graz). In 2016, another location was added with the innovation center “Digital Transformation of Industry” in Tyrol, which deals in particular with the challenges and applications of digital transformation, and in 2019 Fraunhofer Austria founded a new division “Advanced Industrial Management” in Vienna and Another Fraunhofer innovation center for "Digitization and Artificial Intelligence - KI4LIFE" in Carinthia.

Due to the increased order volume and a variety of diverse projects, since July 2020 the previous division “Production and Logistics Management” from Vienna has been split into two divisions: “Factory Planning and Production Management” and “Logistics and Supply Chain Management”.

The three business areas from Vienna and the innovation center in Wattens are combined in the Fraunhofer Austria Center for Sustainable Production and Logistics. The Fraunhofer Austria Center for Data Driven Design comprises the Graz division and the innovation center in Klagenfurt.

Today Fraunhofer Austria is one of the most important and established players in applied research in Austria.


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