Research and innovation are among the most important factors in strengthening the competitiveness of any industry and economy. Fraunhofer Austria's research activities focus on several strategic research priorities. We are thus clearly positioning ourselves in Austria and Europe and are striving to further develop the state-of-the-art in our subject areas.

Fraunhofer Austria is the ideal partner for research projects - whether in contract research for companies or as a consortium partner in funded research projects. We would also be happy to support you in preparing studies.

We work in cooperation with the technical universities in Vienna, Klagenfurt and Graz as well as other partners from science and business on various national and international research projects. Behind each focus is a scientific team that is continuously developing its topic. In-house research is also not neglected: many employees write their dissertations in their subject areas and thus contribute to expanding the state-of-the-art of their focus.

Our Main Research Areas


Production & Assembly Systems


Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence


Geometry processing


Green Logistics


Industry 4.0
Smart Manufacturing




Physical Internet


Visual Analytics


Virtual, Augmented und Mixed Reality


Sandra Stein

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Sandra Stein

Research Coordinator (currently on maternity leave)

Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
Theresianumgasse 7
1040 Vienna, Austria

Mobile +43 676 888 616 27

Torsten Ullrich

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Dr. techn. Torsten Ullrich

Research Coordinator

Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
Inffeldgasse 16c
8010 Graz, Österreich

Phone +43 676 888 61 802

Arko Steinwender

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Dr. techn. Arko Steinwender

Research Coordinator

Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
Theresianumgasse 7
1040 Wien, Austria

Mobile +43 676 888 616 11