Advanced Industrial Management

In order to successfully apply digital transformation in a company, it takes more than just technology. It takes a deep anchoring of the new possibilities of automation and digitization in the company processes and the employees mindsets. In the Advanced Industrial Management (AIM) division, the main focus are people. We design technology with and for people.

We combine our core competencies in the areas of assembly, assistance systems and digital transformation with our expertise in human-machine interaction, the acceptance of technology in the workforce, as well as competence development and qualification. The long-term goal is the sustainable alignment of companies to a value-oriented and agile organization so that they act productively on the one hand, but also act sustainably at the same time.

We research and plan human-centered production systems and implement them with our partners - from the idea to the comprehensive implementation. We focus on the socio-technical system approach and dedicate ourselves to questions such as: Which division of labor between man and machine is best (in the long term)?


„The successful implementation of human-robot cooperation by Fraunhofer Austria in our production resulted in a reliable and highly economical system as well as improved working conditions for our production employees.“

(Dr. Georg Loisel, VP Quality Management & Production System, Melecs EWS GmbH)

"We have been working with Fraunhofer Austria for a long time on the subject of human-robot cooperation, as they have the know-how and the infrastructure to solve innovative research questions.“

(DI Alexandra Markis, Innovation Project Manager, TÜV Austria Holding)

Our Core Areas

Human-Robot Collaboration


Cognitive and Digital Assistance Systems

Assembly Planning

Digital Learning and Information Systems

Industrial Digitalization Strategies

Productivity Transfer

Advanced Industrial Management in Construction Firms