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Fraunhofer Innovation Center in Klagenfurt, Carinthia

In addition to the locations in Vienna, Graz and Wattens, where more than 100 employees are already working on application-oriented solutions, the Fraunhofer Innovation Center for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence - KI4LIFE for short - in Klagenfurt is now a fourth Fraunhofer Austria location. Since October 1, 2019, a team of scientists has been working there on specific problem solutions to support Carinthian companies with the challenges of digitization.


The center is made possible by an alliance of strong partners: Fraunhofer provides top know-how and a network consisting of 72 institutes and over 26,000 researchers worldwide, leading Carinthian companies such as Infineon Austria contribute their skills, their network and their needs, the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce as well as the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Industry establish a direct line to companies, the city of Klagenfurt and the state of Carinthia strengthen the center with their support. Seven research groups from the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Klagenfurt carry out research that is related to the focus of the center and will develop synergies through cooperation. In addition to the existing consortium, future collaborations with Joanneum Research and the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences are planned. With its application-oriented research, KI4LIFE will build the bridge between university research and industry.

Current Topics


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Training Curriculum

Our training courses are aimed at anyone who is interested in digitalization, programming and artificial intelligence, either professionally or privately. 

Our Three Pillars


The intensive exchange of knowledge and the cooperation in the field of preliminary research with the university is an important pillar of KI4LIFE and forms the basis for standard Fraunhofer applied research activities.


Contract research forms the economic basis for Fraunhofer. The range of services offered to business, the state and society includes concrete, feasible technical and organizational solutions.

In addition, KI4LIFE is involved as a partner in publicly funded research projects

R&D for SMEs

Valuable technological knowledge is created every day at Fraunhofer Austria. KI4LIFE also fulfills its responsibility to transfer this knowledge to the economy and especially to SMEs through contributions to new products, services and processes. Appropriate transfer channels are required for successful technology exploitation.


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