Factory Planning and Production Management

“Creating sustainable value creation” - that is the motto of the Factory Planning and Production Management division of Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH. As part of our application-oriented and excellent production research, we design industrial value creation systems from the initial concept to successful implementation!

Together with our customers and partners, we develop innovative solutions for efficient, agile, resilient and resource-saving production systems with a focus on structures, processes, technologies and organization. We support companies in the digital transformation of industrial value creation through systematic technology and innovation management.

We are closely networked with other divisions. Through an integrated consideration of production and logistics as well as the order processing processes, we guarantee a consistent planning and optimization approach. In terms of holistic productivity management, we pursue a continuous and targeted further development of value creation systems and support companies on their way to world class manufacturing.


"The long-standing and trusting cooperation between AT&S and Fraunhofer Austria is an excellent example of a successful partnership. Together we drive innovations, increase safety, improve sustainability and open up new paths for the future."
Chen Jiang Phua, Managing Director, AT&S BU Mobile Device and IC Substrate
"By linking product and process data and using a metaheuristic, Fraunhofer Austria was able to create an application for the automated calculation of the optimal setup sequence."
DI Hannes Hasibar, Managing Director, GMS GOURMET GmbH

Our Core Areas

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Factory Planning

Production Planning

Production Optimization

Maintenance and Asset Management

Technology Management

Industrial Internet-of-Things

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