Digital Transformation of Industry

Fraunhofer Innovation Center in Wattens, Tyrol

The Fraunhofer Innovation Center for Digital Transformation of Industry in Tyrol in the start-up center of Destination Wattens (Werkstätte Wattens) was founded in 2016. The research and development work is strongly oriented towards local industrial needs with the aim of sustainably strengthening the competitiveness and innovative strength of the industrial location Tyrol. The innovation center cooperates closely with companies and universities from the region.

The scientists at the Innovation Center focus on the development of new concepts, methods and tools in the field of industrial data science, but always keep an eye on the company as a whole and its environment. Measures in the field of digitization always mean change and are therefore particularly successful if they are in line with the corporate strategy and are supported by the workforce at all levels.

The focus of the research and development work of the innovation center is the targeted exploitation of the potential of data, with data, as well as artificial intelligence, being a key factor for innovation and corporate success. The entire data lifecycle is supported, from the collection and processing of data to analysis and modeling to the utilization of the knowledge derived from the data in everyday operations.

“The establishment of the Fraunhofer Innovation Center in Wattens is a milestone for industry-oriented research in Tyrol. With the Fraunhofer brand as a connecting bridge between the research of the Tyrolean universities and entrepreneurial innovation, the competitiveness and innovative strength at the research and business location Tyrol will be further expanded. "

(Günther Platter, Governor of the State of Tyrol)

Our Core Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Reliance and Sovereignty

Data Space and Data Comprehension

Digitalization Maturity Degree