Leading Question

“Infoland” takes you on an exciting virtual journey through complex data spaces. For example, you are able to navigate interactively through the structure of an organization. Anything you want to present about an organization can be experienced on a multi-touch interface. The virtual journey can be enriched with texts, images, videos and 3D models. All Information can be accessed naturally and intuitively without losing the overview. The understanding of organizations and your portfolio can be made easily accessible in this way.


Our Contribution

Fraunhofer Austria enhances the basic functions of “Infoland” to your wishes and adapts it to your needs and design specifications. A combination of state-of-the-art web technologies such as HTML5 and X3DOM ensures a cross-platform access on different devices. We assist in the preparation of 3D data and other media for a professional presentation on smartphones, tablets or the web.


Your Benefit

“Infoland” is a visual portal for late-breaking information and the perfect marketing tool with a great usability. Use “Infoland” for self-representations at fairs, in the representative reception area of your company or on your website.


Partners and Funding

The software is developed by experienced scientists of the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Interactive Digital Media (IDM) in Singapore in corporation with the business area “Visual Computing” of Fraunhofer Austria.


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