GrAPPA - Planing of Systems and Production Lines

Leading Question

Production facilities can be built quite fast nowadays compared to how long it took thirty or forty years ago by using design and planning software. As of today, different tools need to be used and their output combined, which makes the workflow unnecessarily complicated. Additionally, many of the software tools available are difficult to use or even counterintuitive, plus the exchange of data between the programs are not standardized.

Our Contribution

We developed a software toolkit for planning production facilities called »GrAPPA«, which combines the strengths of different tools in one big, easy to use solution. Using »GrAPPA«, your next buildings and production site projects can be planned easier and faster, thereby being more cost efficient. The software can be used to develop a factory layout and define the workflows. The built-in algorithms allow analyzing the workflows and make statements on its efficiency. The scripting language that is also built into the software allows you to add new analysis tools tailored to your specific needs.


Your Benefit

The software »GrAPPA« is using the most common analysis tools in the area of production site planning and is excessively extensible. It can be extended by your company to fit your needs, or your company can corporate with Fraunhofer Austria to develop new analysis tools that allow your company to be that one important step ahead.


Partners and Funding

The program is being developed by the visual computing group of Fraunhofer Austria, in cooperation with the colleges from the production and logistics management department.